Social commitment


Agropaco activity generated daily an outstanding contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change. Our crops prevent desertification, are emitting oxygen into the atmosphere, help to regulate the climate and above all, act as a true vacuum greenhouse gases in our environment. Our products are born from the earth and in Agropaco we feel very connected to it and to the need to work for a sustainable world for all.
Our crops have a positive net balance of CO2 absorption. By using certified good agricultural practice, year after year we try to meet our environmental, such as minimizing the use of materials and energy objectives, enhance re-use and recycling of cardboard, plastic and wood, among others.
Respect for biodiversity is also very present in our daily work, using innovative techniques such as integrated pest control. In Agropaco we protect the ecosystems and maintain the native wild flora which together with our crops, favors the emergence of beneficial auxiliary fauna that allows pest control and natural pollination favor.

In Agropaco work on equal opportunities
Agropaco is a family business very close to their land and committed to the environment and society. Since the beginning of our company we adhere to the socially responsible business model, guided by management transparency, respect and preservation of the environment, promoting social and cultural initiatives, the vocation for the consumer, quality employment and management human resources, commitment to the most disadvantaged social sectors and ultimately for a more humane society.
Agropaco is a project committed to employment, relying on integration and respect for diversity and actively developing policies on gender equality and family reconciliation. The 70% of middle and upper management of our head are women, reaching a leader position in the sector in this area..

Agropaco collaborates with many social responsibility initiatives, along with charities, churches and soup kitchens

brocoli Agropaco participates in “+ Broccoli”, national association that promotes the consumption of broccoli.

fruticoles Agropaco participates in “Fruticoles”, initiative to promote consumption of fruits and vegetables among children and youth to promote healthy living.

5 al dia Agropaco participates in “5 a day”, initiative co-funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Agriculture to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially aimed at young people and children.