10kg garden lemons


10 Kg limones extra recién recolectados, cultivados con técnicas agrícolas sostenibles.

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Own and sustainable production of lemons


Lemons are a fruit very rich in vitamin C, rich in antioxidants and also help eliminate fluids and toxic substances from the body.

Harvest calendar from February, and can be extended until July-August

We encourage biodiversity by applying integrated pest control techniques to combat the stress that crops may suffer.

We take care of the environment by taking care of water and taking advantage of rainwater to incorporate it into our irrigation.

We are very energy efficient and self-sufficient thanks to the built-in solar panels and the use of natural light.

We do not use chemicals to treat the soil. Our goal is to prevent soil desertification through different techniques.

We separate, recycle and value our waste. We incorporate reusable containers and returnable pallets.

We incorporate innovations in smart farming in our processes to optimize resources and be more efficient.