Extra quality dry noras 700gr


700gr pot of sun-dried whole ñoras. High quality product to enhance the flavor and aroma of stews, fish, for use in sauces, etc.

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Own and sustainable production of ñoras

Dry noras

Dried ñoras, also called “balls”, are key ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine. This product is a sun-dried red pepper of the Capsicum annuum variety.

It provides an intense flavor and aroma to dishes, AGROPACO sells them in 700 gr pots for immediate use in any culinary preparation.

The ñoras are often used as ingredients in rice dishes or paellas, in the famous Murcian migas, in vegetable or legume stews, or for spreads such as vegan sobrasadas.

It is important to hydrate the ñora before using it, extract the meat, removing the seeds first.

Its collection calendar is from September to October.

We encourage biodiversity by applying integrated pest control techniques to combat the stress that crops may suffer.

We take care of the environment by taking care of water and taking advantage of rainwater to incorporate it into our irrigation.

We are very energy efficient and self-sufficient thanks to the built-in solar panels and the use of natural light.

We do not use chemicals to treat the soil. Our goal is to prevent soil desertification through different techniques.

We separate, recycle and value our waste. We incorporate reusable containers and returnable pallets.

We incorporate innovations in smart farming in our processes to optimize resources and be more efficient.