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100% own production of fresh, seasonal and high quality fruits and vegetables. Have you ever tasted the jewels of the earth? Then you will have enjoyed the pleasure of tasting “real” vegetables, cultivated with care from seed to packaging.
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High in vitamin C, dietary fiber and multiple anti-cancer nutrients.

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Sweet potatoes

With 70% water, very few calories and high in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Source of vitamins and minerals, low in calories. Highly recommended in diets for its high fiber content.

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High in vitamin A, C and B. Pumpkin is a very diuretic product and contains few calories.

Global agricultural solutions

From product format and packaging to specialized distribution and logistics services according to your needs.

We adapt deliveries to the client both in terms of quantity and timeframes, without losing sight of the quality of the products and the service.

Product advice

We listen to our customers to offer the product references that best suit their needs.

If they need it, we advise them on nutritional properties and consumer trends to help them choose the star product for their business.

Packaging quality guarantee

In order for our vegetables to arrive as fresh as possible, we have several types of containers, labels and packaging according to the needs of each shipment.

In the line of sustainability, we are using more sustainable packaging, with programs to reduce the use of plastic and using biodegradable or biocompostable packaging.

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Our products of great taste and quality reach all Europe, now they can reach your business so that your customers can also enjoy them.