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Quality & food defense

Our products are guaranteed by the most prestigious quality protocols.

At AGROPACO we comply with all current regulations in relation to quality and food safety both nationally and internationally, producing under the strictest hygienic-sanitary criteria. With this we want to offer products of the highest quality and food safety, always backed by the most prestigious quality protocols.

100% Own Harvest

Agropaco’s production is 100% homegrown, so our production model is based on Comprehensive Process Control, obtaining a high level of quality in all parameters (flavor, color, durability, consistency, sizes, etc.). Every day our products arrive fresh and full of flavor to thousands of homes in Europe.
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strategic innovation

Innovation is part of our strategy and our commitment, which is why we are committed to the continuous improvement of our facilities and our products.
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AQUAFIDES is a company that quantifies the production efficiency under the sustainability criteria defined by the Hydraulic Footprint.

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GLOBAL G.A.P. establishes voluntary standards through which agricultural products can be certified in all parts of the world guaranteeing that the product meets the established levels of quality, safety and sustainability.
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GRASP is a voluntary farm-level labor/social management tool for global supply chains used in conjunction with the Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard.
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SEDEX is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enable improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in supply chains around the world.
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Seal “I calculate – I reduce” of the OECC on carbon footprint
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