Connection with naturalness

Sustainable agriculture

Our roots are in the countryside, that’s where everything begins and that’s where our products come from, which we make with the utmost care and affection.

It is that connection and bond with the natural environment that makes us responsible and respectful of the environment and leads us to care for and preserve where we come from.

We carry out a multitude of initiatives that allow us to make efficient and sustainable use of resources, minimizing the impact of our activity.

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Hoteles de insectos


We apply integrated pest control techniques to combat the different types of stress in crops (pests and diseases).

We have drawn up a Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan (PAC), facilitating the survival of native flora and fauna on our farms as an “Oasis of Biodiversity”, favoring the appearance of beneficial auxiliary fauna to combat pests.


We have launched the first PHYTOBAC in the province of Alicante. It is a technological innovation that prevents point and diffuse pollution derived from the excess water from the application of phytosanitary products.

We take advantage of rainwater and reuse process water. We have set up a water quality analysis laboratory.

Energy efficiency

We have installed more than 5,000 m2 of solar panels for self-consumption on the roof of our factory. Through skylights and skylights we take advantage of natural light and we have carried out improvements in thermal insulation.

We have gradually replaced the combustion handling elements with electric forklifts. We have replaced the lights with more efficient LEDs, on and off systems with presence detectors.

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Cultivo de cultivos con tecnologías modernas


We disinfect the soil using the “solarization” technique with biodegradable plastic, without using chemical products. We use natural pollination in our crops and analyze the quality of the soil annually. Our objective is to prevent its desertification.

We have eliminated more than 5 kilometers of metal fences and we have managed to eliminate old electrical and telephone lines, with a positive effect on the safety of people and birds.

Waste management

We separate, recycle and value our waste: plastic, wood, cardboard, paper, scrap metal, batteries, glass, WEEE, etc. We use biodegradable plastics based on natural resins and biopolymers.

We use a pool of reusable containers and returnable pallets. We have replaced materials in containers and have reduced the weight of the containers, eliminating unnecessary inks and serigraphs. We pack in bulk and have eliminated self-service packaging.

Smart farming

From precision agriculture to smart agriculture. We have on-board computers in the tractors, sensors, telemetry networks, algorithms and real-time generation of practical information, which increases operational efficiency and agronomic effectiveness.

Using sensors we carry out the monitoring and analysis of environmental parameters in our farms that contribute to improving productivity and optimizing resources.

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